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International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Since January 01 2020 the journal has changed its name to International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources - IJANR. Based on the analysis of the state of the art of several scientific journals in the area of agriculture and biological sciences, the journal's editorial body in conjunction with the Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of academics from both UC and other universities, have established a plan for continuous improvement of the editorial activity, including actions such as change of name to English language, development of new web design and implementation of a scientific dissemination system.

Therefore, the editorial committee invites authors to continue sending their contributions in the form of review articles, research articles, research notes and / or essays to the new website, which will be announced in December this year. The journal will continue to publish in the areas of research in agriculture, animal production, forestry, natural resources and other related areas.

For more information about our changes, please send your inquiries to

Vol 47, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Viability of using organic substrates according to toxicity tests and the antioxidant activities of tomato seeds and seedlings
Thaís Regina Marcon, Alessandro Rafagnin-da-Silva, Rennan O. Meira, Luciana P.C. Guedes, Jaqueline M. Corsato, Andréa M.T. Fortes

Research Paper

Effect of cutting frequency on the yield and properties of elephant grass biomass for bioenergy and animal feed
Leilson Rocha Bezerra, Francisco Gleyson da Silveira Alves, Maria Socorro de Souza Carneiro, Ricardo Loiola Edvan, Patrícia Guimarães Pimentel, Marcelo Xisto Ribeiro, Bárbara Silveira Leandro de Lima, Mário César Carneiro Vieira
Effect of xylanase, cellulase and natural maguey extract on the chemical composition of corn silage and in vitro rumen gas production
Jose Ramon Pascual Franco, Andres Gonzalez Huerta, Delfina de Jesus Perez Lopez, Rodolfo Serrato Cuevas, Abdel Z.M Salem, Lizbeth Esmeralda Robles Jimenez, Manuel Gonzalez Ronquillo
Characterization of a Fermented Feijoa Beverage
Giliani Veloso Sartori, Maria Jara Montibeller, Giovani Furini, Ana Paula de Lima Veeck, William Gustavo Sganzerla, Patrícia Carolina Beling, Alessandro de Oliveira Rios, Vitor Manfroi
Yacon potato propagation from herbaceous cuttings with different numbers of buds
Joab Luhan Ferreira Pedrosa, Fábio Luiz de Oliveira, Moises Zucoloto, Mateus Oliveira Cabral, Ramon Amaro de Sales, Arnaldo Henrique de Oliveira Carvalho
Foliar fertilization in the propagation of conilon coffee in alternative substrates
Sávio da Silva Berilli, Ramon Amaro de Sales, Helder Rodrigues Ribeiro, Alan Alvino Falcão Zooca, Rodrigo Amaro de Salles, Ana Paula Candido Gabriel Berilli, Wilian Rodrigues Ribeiro, Silvio de Jesus Freitas, Taiara Souza Costa