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International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Since January 01 2020 the journal has changed its name to International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources - IJANR. Based on the analysis of the state of the art of several scientific journals in the area of agriculture and biological sciences, the journal's editorial body in conjunction with the Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of academics from both UC and other universities, have established a plan for continuous improvement of the editorial activity, including actions such as change of name to English language, development of new web design and implementation of a scientific dissemination system.

Therefore, the editorial committee invites authors to continue sending their contributions in the form of review articles, research articles, research notes and / or essays to the new website, which will be announced in December this year. The journal will continue to publish in the areas of research in agriculture, animal production, forestry, natural resources and other related areas.

For more information about our changes, please send your inquiries to

Vol 49, No 2 (2022)

Table of Contents

Research Paper

Assessment of a wildfire in the remaining Nothofagus alessandrii forests, an endangered species of Chile, based on satellite Sentinel-2 images
Rómulo Santelices-Moya, Antonio Cabrera-Ariza, Patricia Silva-Flores, Rafael María Navarro Cerrillo
Breeding improvement of fennel genotypes of different origins (Foeniculum vulgare L.) using morphological and yield parameters
Mahmut Çamlıca, Gülsüm Yaldiz
Bacterial population monitoring during alcoholic fermentation of mezcal in Durango by DGGE
Diana Sofia Torres-Velázquez, Juan Antonio Rojas-Contreras, Nicolás Óscar Soto-Cruz, Norma Utriz Estrada, Javier López Miranda, Manuel Kirchmayr, Jesús Bernardo Páez-Lerma

Research Notes

Evaluation of liquid phosphorus fertilizers and fulvic acids in a potato crop in an Andisol type soil
Ignacio Bustos, Mauricio Schoebitz, Erick Zagal, Cristina Muñoz