Comparison of nutrition composition of transgenic maize (chitinase gene) with its nontransgenic counterpart.

Yan Ping-mei, Rui Yu-kui, Chai Zheng, Wang Qing, Du Jian-zhong, Sun Yi


In order to compare the nutrition components of transgenic maize seeds (chitinase gene), achieved by the pollen-mediated approach, with its non-transgenic counterpart, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, fatty acids and essential amino acids of transgenic maize seeds and their counterparts were analyzed by the Chinese national standard methods or AOAC methods. The results showed that the contents of all the six kinds of fatty acids detected in transgenic maize seeds were significantly higher than those in their non-transgenic counterpart, the content of vitamin B2 in transgenic maize was significantly lower than that in non-transgenic maize seeds, the content of total amino acids in transgenic maize seed was higher than that in non-transgenic maize seeds, while vitamin B1 and most of essential amino acid have no significant difference between transgenic maize and non-transgenic maize seeds. According to the above data, transgenic foods should be strictly analyzed to find out whether it can reach the standard of “substantial equivalence” in nutrient composition.


Transgenic maize, nutrition, fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamin, chitinase gene.

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