Controversial topics in agroecology: A European perspective

Paola Migliorini, Paolo Bàrberi, Stéphane Bellon, Tommaso Gaifami, Vassilis D. Gkisakis, Alain Peeters, Alexander Wezel


Seven potential controversial topics in agroecology are presented and discussed from a European perspective comparing the position of Agroecology Europe (AEEU) obtained from an iterative, participatory approach with members and compared with published literature, including views from other parts of the world. The seven controversial topics as follows: i) use of agrochemicals; ii) small-scale and peasant farming versus larger farms; iii) technological innovations in agriculture and precision farming; iv) biotechnology and genetic engineering in agriculture; v) local and short food circuits; vi) social justice; vii) gender perspective. The analysis shows that there are diverse points of view related to geographical area and sociopolitical contexts. However, there are several convergences in the ambition to redesign farming and food systems, as a lever acting on several topics, and in considering agroecology with a holistic, participatory, multiactor approach for the needed transition.


Agroecological practices, agroecological principles, participatory multiactor approach, transition to sustainable food systems

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