Vol 39, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents

Research Paper

Effects of contracts and work relationships on salaries and income distribution of workers in the Chilean agriculture sector, 1996 and 2006
Jorge Campos, William Foster
Factors that affect fruit consumption in schools of the Metropolitan Region (Chile): The case of two schools in the district of Lo Prado
Andre Beaujanot, Guillermo Donoso, Andrea del Valle
Factors that influence the price of cattle in livestock auctions: the case of the stockyard of Melipilla (Chile)
Javier L. Troncoso, Alejandra Engler, Paula Manriquez, Antonio Valdivia
Consumer preferences and willingness to pay for organic apples.
Arcadio A. Cerda, Leidy Y. García, Samuel Ortega-Farías, Álvaro M. Ubilla
Management, production, and nutritional characteristics of cup-plant (Silphium perfoliatum) in temperate climates of southern Chile.
Gastón Pichard
Antioxidant properties and color of Hibiscus sabdariffa extracts.
Claudia Salazar-González, Fidel T. Vergara-Balderas, Ana E. Ortega-Regules, José Á. Guerrero-Beltrán
Cold storage effects on oxidative stress of Red Globe table grape rachises.
Reinaldo Campos-Vargas, Pablo Zamora, Rodrigo Contreras, Hans Köhler, Gustavo E. Zúñiga, Alonso Pérez-Donoso, Bruno G. Defilippi
Plant nutrition, foliar standards, chlorophyll activity and soil nutrient status of two cultivars of Leucospermum cordifolium (Proteaceae).
Carlos E. Álvarez, Marino Fernández-Falcón, M. Mercedes Hernández
Pruning effects on vegetative growth and fruit quality of ‘Bing’/‘Gisela®5’ and ‘Bing’/‘Gisela®6’ sweet cherry trees (Prunus avium).
Macarena Villasante, Soledad Godoy, Juan Pablo Zoffoli, Marlene Ayala
Seasonal pattern of root growth in relation to shoot phenology and soil temperature in sweet cherry trees (Prunus avium): A preliminary study in central Chile.
Claudia Bonomelli, Carlos Bonilla, Edouard Acuña, Pamela Artacho
Effect of the inoculum size on the axenic in vitro production of Steinernema carpocapsae.
Juan Suárez-Sánchez, Raquel Alatorre-Rosas, Héctor M. Poggi-Varaldo, Josefina Barrera-Cortés
Female calling and male flight orientation and searching behaviors in Callisphyris apicicornis: evidence for a female-produced sex attractant pheromone.
Tomislav Curkovic, Catalina Ferrera
An ecophysiographic approach for Araucaria araucana regeneration management.
Fernando Drake, Juan Ramón Molina, Miguel Ángel Herrera
Combining genetic gain and diversity under an individual selection method in a selected provenance of Eucalyptus cladocalyx.
Freddy Mora, Javier Saavedra

Research Notes

An analysis of the physical and germination parameters of the sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa).
Susana Benedetti, Marta González, Edison García, Iván Quiroz
Effects of sulfur fertilization on wheat production and industrial quality (Triticum aestivum).
Luis E. Herrera, Hernán Pinilla, Héctor Sanhueza
Peteca rind pitting as influenced by proline content in winter lemon albedo.
Thomas Fichet, Jorge Chamorro, Alejandro Riquelme
Effect of water stress on herbicide efficiency applied to Urochloa decumbens.
Maria R. Rocha-Pereira, Antônio E. Klar, Dagoberto Martins, Guilherme S. Ferreira de Souza, Juana Villalba
Effect of water activity on in vitro mycelial growth of Neofusicoccum spp. infecting blueberry
Bernardo A. Latorre, Gonzalo A. Díaz, María P. Reed
Relationship between chloride concentration and electrical conductivity in groundwater and its estimation from vertical electrical soundings (VESs) in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico.
Héctor Peinado-Guevara, Carlos Green-Ruíz, Jaime Herrera-Barrientos, Oscar Escolero-Fuentes, Omar Delgado-Rodríguez, Salvador Belmonte- Jiménez, María Ladrón de Guevara