Vol 41, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research Paper

Ruminal degradation of aerial biomass and seeds of wild species of Lupinus
Maricela Pablo-Pérez, Luz del C. Lagunes-Espinoza, Jesús Ramos-Juárez, Javier López-Upton, Emilio M. Aranda-Ibáñez, Luis Vargas-Villamil
Formulated diets for giant Chilean frog Calyptocephalella gayi tadpoles
Pedro H. Toledo, Ricardo Suazo, Maria T. Viana
Use of VIS-NIRS for land management classification with a support vector machine and prediction of soil organic carbon and other soil properties
Guillaume Debaene, Dorota Pikuła, Jacek Niedźwiecki
Optimization of sample design sizes and shapes for regionalized variables using simulated annealing
Luciana P.C. Guedes, Miguel A. Uribe-Opazo, Paulo J. Ribeiro Junior
Comparison of the total phenolic content, total anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity of polyphenol-rich fruits grown in Chile
Carolina Fredes, Gloria Montenegro, Juan Pablo Zoffoli, Francisca Santander, Paz Robert
Photosynthetic and antioxidant performance are differentially affected by short-term nitrogen supply in highbush blueberry cultivars
Erwin Yañez-Mansilla, Paula Cartes, Marjorie Reyes-Díaz, Alejandra Ribera-Fonseca, Miren Alberdi
Distribution and recycling of canopy nitrogen storage reserves in sweet cherry (Prunus avium) fruiting branches following 15N-urea foliar applications after harvest
Marlene Ayala, Pilar Bañados, Mariana Thielemann, Román Toro
Predatory capacity of Adalia angulifera (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) larvae on Myzocallis coryli (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Chile
Alfonso Aguilera, Rodrigo Neculmán, Ramón Rebolledo
Soil respiration across a disturbance gradient in sclerophyllous ecosystems in Central Chile
Horacio E. Bown, Juan-Pablo Fuentes, Jorge F. Perez-Quezada, Nicolás Franck
The awakening of pisco in Chile
Pablo Lacoste, Diego Jiménez, Paulette Aguilera, Bibiana Rendón, Amalia Castro, Natalia Soto

Research Notes

Feeding extruded linseed to dairy ewes under extensive grazing conditions
Einar Vargas-Bello-Pérez, Raúl R. Vera, Claudio Aguilar, Rodrigo Lira, Iván Peña, Franco. A. Tello
Analysis of the 3′ end regions of the GDF9 and BMPR1B genes in Blackbelly sheep from Yucatán, Mexico
Rosa B. López-Ramírez, Héctor F. Magaña-Sevilla, Roberto Zamora-Bustillos, Julio P. Ramón-Ugalde, Daniel González-Mendoza
The influence of seed coating on the vigor and early seedling growth of barley
Francisco M.F. Corlett, Cassyo de A. Rufino, Jucilayne F. Vieira, Lizandro C. Tavares, Lilian V.M. Tunes, Antonio C.S.A. Barros