Vol 50, No 3 (2023)

Table of Contents

Research Paper

Small-grain forage mixtures for silage: Yield and botanical, morphological and chemical composition
Sirley Carrillo-Hernández, Felipe López-González, José Velarde-Guillén, Carlos Manuel Arriaga-Jordan

Research Notes

Complete chloroplast genome of Atractylodes japonica native to the Korean Peninsula and Atractylodes species identification challenges
Hong-Il Choi, Gileung Lee, Jaihyunk Ryu, Jae Wan Park, Sang Hoon Kim
Stem electrical potential variations may aid in the early detection of drought stress in fruit-bearing trees
Pilar Gil, Ana I. Vargas
Evaluation of the antioxidant capacity of vegetable waste from a wholesale market in Chile
Ximena Rodríguez, Mario Castillo, Sebastián Correa, Fancy Rojas