Vol 39, No 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


Ecology: an integrated science for the artificialization of nature.
Juan Gastó, Diego Subercaseaux, Leonardo Vera

Research Paper

Presence of tetracycline resistant bacteria and genes in grassland-based animal production systems.
Liliana López, Johanna Santamaría, Alexandra Sánchez, Lida Castro, Jessica L. Moreno
Effect of the type of substrate on the chemical composition and productivity of a protein concentrate of yeast origin
Alejandro Velásquez, Rodrigo Arias, Marcelo Toneatti
Inclusion of various controlled release fertilizers in moss substrates (Sphagnum magellanicum).
Christel Oberpaur, Carolina Fernández, Guillermo Délano, M. Eugenia Arévalo
Botryosphaeriaceae species affecting table grape vineyards in Chile and cultivar susceptibility
Andrea Morales, Bernardo Latorre, Eduardo Piontelli, Ximena Besoain
Determination of spatiotemporal stability of corn head smut (Sporisorium reilianum) by SADIE.
José F. Ramírez-Dávila, Jesús R. Sánchez-Pale, Elvia Porcayo-Camargo, Carlos de León
Germicidal effect of UV light on epiphytic fungi isolated from blueberry.
Bernardo A. Latorre, Susana Rojas, Gonzalo A. Díaz, Hernán Chuaqui
The effects of the essential oil and hydrolate of canelo (Drimys winteri) on adults of Aegorhinus superciliosus in the laboratory
Ramón Rebolledo, Juan Abarzúa, Andrea Zavala, Andrés Quiroz, Marysol Alvear, Alfonso Aguilera
Applying a bioeconomic optimal control model to charcoal production: the case of slash-and-burn agriculture in Mexico
Fernando Arrocha, Mauricio G. Villena
The influence of N and P supply and genotype on N remobilization in containerized Pinus radiata plants.
Horacio E. Bown, Michael S. Watt, Peter W. Clinton, Euan G. Mason
Current and potential distribution areas for Nothofagus alessandrii, an endangered tree species from central Chile
Rómulo Santelices, Fernando Drake, Carlos Mena, Rodrigo Ordenes, Rafael M. Navarro-Cerrillo
Genetic characterization of Japanese plum cultivars (Prunus salicina) using SSR and ISSR molecular markers
Basilio Carrasco, Carole Díaz, Mario Moya, Marlene Gebauer, Rolando García-González
Approximation of the surface of gypseous soils in San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Juan F. Martínez-Montoya, Juan Herrero-Isern, Jorge Aceves-de Alba, Jorge Palacio-Núñez, Víctor M. Ruiz-Vera, Genaro Olmos-Oropeza

Research Notes

Estimation of the lifespan of agricultural tractor using a diffusion model at the aggregate level
Ricardo Muñoz, José Llanos
Phloematic mobility of 10Boron in kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) mixed shoots
Carlos Sotomayor, Rafael Ruiz, Luis Muñoz
Sensitivity of wild-type and mutant Trichoderma harzianum strains to fungicides
Rodrigo Herrera, David Núñez, Natalia Romero, Ximena Besoain, Luz María Pérez, Jaime Montealegre
Decreased time from seed to flowering corm size in Zephyra elegans via in vitro cultivation
Alexis K. Vidal, Dong-Sheng Han, Masaru Nakano, Yoshiji Niimi
Efficient protocols for the extraction of microbial DNA from the rhizosphere of hydrophilic forests in Chile.
Pablo Cáceres, Cecilia Cordero, Gloria González, Karla Quiroz, Juan C. Bobadilla, Carmen Bravo, Peter D.S. Caligari, Basilio Carrasco, Rolando García-Gonzales
Simple and robust DNA extraction method for the large-scale analysis of genotypes containing high polyphenolic content, such as landraces of Solanum tuberosum and Zea mays.
Macarena Barra, Erika Salazar, María Beltrán, Boris Sagredo